Hassle-free privacy-friendly analytics

No Cookie Analytics is a privacy friendly & open source analytics service. No cookies ever and forever.



Data at a glance

Simple dashboard with essential metrics powered to drive your business decisions. No cluttered nested menus to navigate.

curl "https://nocookieanalytics.com/api/v1/a/?domain_name=nocookieanalytics.com&include=summary"
  "start": "2021-07-15T20:40:52.255184+00:00",
  "end": "2021-08-15T20:40:52.255184+00:00",
  "summary": {
    "total_visits": 111,
    "bounce_rate": 71,
    "average_page_visit_time_seconds": 47.216251,
    "average_session_time_seconds": 86.563127,
    "visitors": 70

API powered

Get started with collecting data in minutes with a ridiculously simple integration (<1 KiB). We are API-first, and you can also integrate your applications any way you need.

Your data is yours

Your data always belongs to you and will never be sold or shared with third parties.

Accurate data

Unlike Google Analytics, we don't sample your data, but show you real data and numbers so you can make informed decisions based on 100% of your traffic.

Easy as pie

We keep things simple. Our name is our mantra: No Cookie Analytics, which means no pesky privacy-invading cookies following your visitors. GDPR friendly by design.